Friday, October 2, 2015

Website work

Here's a sampling of the many, many websites I led the design on during my time at Studio Archetype and Bridge Worldwide. I was very lucky to work as a website designer during some of the most exciting years of the web, just before Flash emerged and designers were still exploring uncharted territory. Please click to see the thumbnails more closely.

Chameleon Whiteboards: trade show booth

Recent trade show booth used by Chameleon Whiteboards.

Chameleon Whiteboards

I'm currently the creative director of Chameleon Whiteboards; over the past two years I've designed whiteboards, signage, and infographics for hundreds of hospitals. Here's a selection of a few.

Brother Phap Hai, "The 10 Gates" audiobook cover

I designed this audiobook cover for BetterListen, along with the rest of their current audiobook catalog. I like the way this one turned out a lot.

Spirit Salsa packaging

I designed packaging for the first two flavors of salsa produced by Spirit Chips.

Anderson Ponty Band logo

I worked with Jon Anderson (formerly of Yes) to design a logo for his new band with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. They decided on APB as the name and wanted a spacey-looking logotype to suggest the style of music they play. The logo is currently being used on all packaging, band merchandise, and stage decorations.

Landmine "Daydreamer" CD cover

CD cover for the band Landmine.

Landmine logo and EP cover

The band Landmine asked me to design their logo as well as their debut EP cover.

Album cover: Juan Silva, "Forever You"

Juan wanted a photo of his wife as the central image and a cool retro-60s flavor.

Album cover: Jerry Johnson and Folk Worth

Rootsy album cover for this Texas musician.

Album cover: Vinnie Richardson, "Time Has Come"

Abstract album cover for soul musician Vinnie Richardson.

Album cover: Kramer, "Unknown"

Abstract album cover for electronic musician Kramer.

Ethan Kent: "Heartbeat" cover art

Cover art for a digital single from Ethan Kent.

PRX: Reveal logo

I designed the logo and all of the current promos and ads for PRX's radio program Reveal.

PRX: Transistor logo and identity

I worked with PRX to create a logo and identity system for their podcast Transistor.

How To Be Amazing promo

I do a lot of promo graphics for PRX, NPR and their various shows; this is a featured iTunes promo I designed for their podcast How To Be Amazing.