Sunday, November 29, 2009

CD cover: Dimitri

Dimitri, an electronic music composer, requested an image of an alien environment with richly detailed clouds and mountains in the background with a person about to step into an empty void (off camera).

CD cover and website: Joseph Bangura

Joseph requested that his photo be placed into a vibrant street scene. Visit him at the website I designed for him as well!

CD cover: Jungle Books (Casey Winn)

CD cover for an orchestral version of The Jungle Book, composed by Casey Winn.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

CD cover: John Elefante

CD cover for the new album from John Elefante (the former singer for Kansas) and his band Mastedon.

CD cover: Nick Hinton

Cover for Nick Hinton's new EP, "Begin", featuring the burned-down ruins of West Pier in Brighton, England. Nick and I couldn't decide which cover to use, so here's both.

CD cover: Julia's Memories of Christmas

A Christmas-themed harp CD, done both as digital cover art and a printed digipak. The bears, besides just being cute, tie in to a sticker put on the package by a children's charity with teddy bears for a logo.