Saturday, April 28, 2012

Album cover: Baz Stuart

Baz contacted me from London with a rush order for this cover, needing it the next day; I sent five ideas and this is the one he chose. He wanted something that referenced London as well as having a 60s flower-power vibe.

Album cover: Garrison Starr & Jason Karaban

The artists wanted a very simple, sunny image for their new single.

Album cover: DB "The Window 2"

DB had a complex scene in mind for his album cover: Three photos of himself in an apocalyptic burning city surrounded by flaming cars.

Album cover: Joseph Gomez

Joseph wanted a dark and grainy photo treatment for his new single.

Album cover: Relaxing by the Stream

For this recording of a stream, the artist wanted something that'd fit in well with other albums of nature sounds.

Album cover: A|PRESENCE

This musician asked for something iconic and simple; I used a unique symbol to be an enigmatic icon.