Friday, December 20, 2013

Album cover: Christoph Clemens

Musician Christoph Clemens wanted a very complex image that would include elements of light & space, exploding planets, electronic grids, lightning, stars, nebulae, and many other possible things. We worked back and forth to create this image, which included a "CC" logo for his name.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Album cover: ShaneAshtyn

My second cover for ShaneAshtyn. He had some fantastic photographs for me to work with, and I put  together this merging of several photos to represent the mood of his album.

CD cover: Ledfurd Recurds

I've done many album covers for Sunny Ledfurd and the artists on his record label, so it was fun to do this new compilation project. They wanted something funky that had a sort of late-70s, early-80s Stax vibe, so this is what I came up with for his CD and Facebook promos.

CD cover: John Elefante

My second project for former Kansas singer John Elefante was very involved. We collaborated for months on ideas for the package and promotional materials; he wanted something very handmade-looking, original, and inspired by 60s psychedelia. I created his new logo and colorized a photo of crystals to look like an alien landscape.

Album cover: Daré

Daré wanted something really striking for his new single about being jobless but carefree. I thought this visual of a businessperson wearing colorful socks summed up the song nicely.

Album cover: Robert Thurman

A nature-inspired cover for Buddhist author Robert Thurman.

Album cover: D'Lannie

D'Lannie -- star of TLC's Raising Fame --  wanted an 80s-inspired look for her new single. It was a hit, especially in Spain, where it made the top 10!

CD cover: Abyss

This was fun -- Abyss came to me with a killer logo and a great concept for a visual of sharks surrounding a drowning man.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Album cover: Wherewith We Fly

Fun project for Wherewith We Fly; they requested that their logo look like it's half-buried in forest dirt and roots. Logo provided by the band.

Album cover: West Coast Wyn

Album cover: Steve McCoy

Album cover: RvR

This was a fun project for RvR. They wanted some sort of abstract heart image that looked handmade but also 3D, so I found and photographed some handmade paper, and then drew the fractured heart from scratch.

Album covers: Star Talk

Two covers as part of a box set for Star Talk Radio, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson. Logo provided by Star Talk.

Album cover: Douglas Rushkoff

Cover for Douglas Rushkoff's live album collection.

Album cover: Robin Floyd

Robin Floyd came to me with his concept: a blue sunny sky with the album title written in clouds.

Album covers: Saad

Album covers: Poltergeist

A pair of album covers for horror-rap group Poltergeist.

Album cover: Nick Hinton

Cover concept for Nick Hinton's greatest-hits collection.

Album cover: Bill Minner

Cover for Bill Minner's album, I Want That Day Back. Cover photo by Bill Minner.

Album cover: Melissa Lee

Album cover: MH-UWIT

Cover for MH-UWIT's mixtape, Qaracanavar.

Album cover: Mark Clear

Cover for Mark Clear's "I Gave You My Heart".

Album covers: Kayslee Collins

A pair of album covers for Kayslee Collins.

Album cover: Jesto Mathis

Album cover: Jamaal Miller

Album cover: Casey Winn, "Houdini"

Album cover for classical musician Casey Winn's concept album about Houdini.

CD cover: Deadnote

CD package for John Elefante-produced indie group Deadnote's debut EP.

Album covers: Joseph Gomez

A trio of album covers for Joseph Gomez.

Album cover: Fiona Dawn

I did two final covers for Fiona Dawn: one with her name and title, and one with just her "chop" icon.

Album cover: Chayla

CD box set: British Pop

Two volumes of a 7-CD box set (and 5-DVD box set) I designed for TJL Productions/PBS. Each cover used a different "go go girl" image.

Album cover: Brian Rife

Electronic musician Brian Rife wanted an abstract image and blurry title for his single, Use Somebody Else.

CD cover: Adri Evans

Ukulele player and singer Adri Evans hired me to design the cover and package for her debut CD, Kites and Cartwheels. She's very cool and you should buy her music.

Logo: Bundle and Bean

I designed the logo and website template for travel blog Bundle and Bean.

Album cover: MFK

This musician had a very clear idea of the scene he wanted: an acoustic guitar in an empty field, a rose on its bottom corner, and a heart made of music notes surrounding it. I also designed his MFK logotype.