Monday, July 13, 2009

Jon Anderson: "Music is God" single

Jon Anderson asked me to do the cover of his new single, Music is God; since he's on tour in Europe and a cover photo was needed immediately, the only image available was a screencapture from the YouTube video linked above. I used Photoshop to paint over the image and used colorful type to echo the happy vibe of the tune. Jon Anderson: "Perfect... it's got a universal energy!"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jon Anderson - Zamran logos

I've been incredibly excited lately to work with Jon Anderson -- lead singer of Yes -- on design work and concepts for an upcoming single, album, and a larger project that's still taking shape. The central character in much of this is Zamran, the Son of Olias (it's a long story), and these are some of the logos I've done for him. More to come...

CD cover: KIllian Wells

Killian asked for a very 80s-style image for his EP, "V.I.P.". Doing period-specific designs like this is a blast, even if they make people cover their eyes and say, "Agh!! That pink!!" Oh, the 80s rocked.

CD cover: Brewsky

This musician asked for a very specific image for their single, "Smoking Hookah". They sent the background image, a typography sample to match, as well as a hookah image, and asked for a cobra to be emerging from the hookah to create the "S" in the word "Smoking". I composited the image to order and added the smoke.