Friday, July 18, 2014

Cover art, Paul Ashley

Cover for Paul Ashley, a Welsh musician who wanted something mysterious and post-apocalyptic. A tiny sticker on the guitar reads Tiroedd Pell, the album title in Welsh. Spider logo created to be used on all of his album covers.

Album & CD cover, "Love Struck" by Steve McCoy

Album cover, logo design, and full CD package created for Utrecht Music.

Album cover: Space Avenue, "Be Free"

Space Avenue logo

Logo created for Russian rock band Space Avenue. They wanted something that'd look like it could be for a space agency like NASA.

Album cover: Space Avenue, "Love You"

This Russian band asked for something handmade looking and warm for their debut album. Also created as a full CD package.

Cover art: Lisa Dahl

Lisa asked me to put her photo in a bright rainy environment with droplets of water hitting the "camera".

Cover art: Phenomega

This French musician requested that I blend his photograph with curling smoke.

P&E logo

Logo for P&E, a client's record company. They requested a cocoon as their icon.

Album cover, The Midnight Run

This artist requested a dark, mysterious, gothic look for his cover art.

Logo and cover for ElectRocnic, "Early Summer Groove"

This was an extraordinarily detailed project, which involved a logo design, social media, and an album cover design; the image on the cover went through so many rounds of changes and additions that the final Photoshop file has over 200 layers. The client requested a cover with no name or title on it, but later added them to comply with iTunes.

Album cover: Ethan Kent, "Heartbeat"

Album cover for Ethan Kent's new song, "Heartbeat".