Thursday, November 11, 2010

CD cover and package: Jon Anderson, "Survival & Other Stories"

Cover and CD packaging art for Jon Anderson's new album, "Survival & Other Stories". The cover and back cover tell a small story -- the cover shows a lone tree in the desert, but the back cover, under the words "Produced by Jon & Jane Anderson", shows that the tree is surviving with a companion.

CD cover: Bombsters

Cover art for The Bombsters, who wanted a cover that'd be a pun on their name and album title. They provided the 3D logo.

CD cover: Iron Hog

The metal band Iron Hog requested a very hardcore looking cover using a pig skull in a skull-and-crossbones arrangement. The final design was a collaboration between myself and Steve Domanski, who did the illustration.

CD cover: dysFUNKtional

DysFUNKtional requested 3D lettering of their song name over an interstellar background.

CD cover: ChasedFaces

CD cover for ChasedFaces. They requested a very complex scene: a kiosk at a boardwalk/beach that would be selling books, with a sign outside calling it "The Philosopheria". The final image was constructed from 10 different photos -- every element, from the inside of the kiosk to the girl to the books stacked outside, was composited in separately.

CD cover: E-STARR

Two covers for dance diva E-STARR.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CD covers: Laura Simms

Two CD covers for audiobooks of storyteller Laura Simms' stories. The first is for grownups, the second is for kids.

CD cover/package: MT

MT asked for something that would convey music, the city, and hopefulness. I put together a bunch of elements for the cover art, then did a full CD package and expanded the idea to be a landscape -- rural towns on the left, the big city on the right, and music going between them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CD cover: Wayne Ammons

Wayne wanted an album cover in the same vein as classic covers by The Eagles; it was lots of fun compositing together various elements to get the right feel.

CD cover: E.D.Y.

EDY wanted an image to convey a night out clubbing in Paris.

CD cover: Chris Todisco

Chris Todisco wanted a fresh, fun image for his cover, and chose two directions for the finals.

CD cover: Birdy Gunz

This hip-hop musician sent some photos and gave me a clean slate to work with; I ended up adding a simple effect to the photo to make it look charred, and he loved it.

CD cover; JaSoul

JaSoul, a Jamaican reggae/soul band, wanted something energetic and bright.

CD cover: Jay Arseno

Jay wanted me to make him look like a comic book hero :)

CD cover: Catherine Iagnemma

Catherine, a practitioner of flower essence healing, wanted a simple cover featuring flowers, naturally.

CD cover: AMPSEX

The guys from AMPSEX worked with me for the third time, and on this cover they wanted an old movie marquee with their name falling off of it.

CD cover: Joseph Bangura (EP)

An EP cover for Joseph Bangura as a followup to his debut, Journey of 1000 Miles.

CD cover: UDI

This musician wanted an image of a hooded figure hooked up to mysterious computers.

CD cover: Sunny Ledfurd's Greatest Hits

Sunny wanted a cover that echoed classic 70s country covers, and it was fun to find just the right lettering and colors to get that feel.

CD cover: Max Peiper

This client had a very clear idea of the image he wanted, but since he was working on a budget, I did the best I could with stock imagery, rather than hire Boris Vallejo.

Poster: Madtizzy Music Sessions

I only had about a day to throw this flyer together; the client wanted something really intensely vibrant with some 80s club style to it to match their Miami Beach party. It's probably the most colorful poster I've done, that's for sure.

CD cover: Marcus Shepard

Marcus wanted a cover with a classic look to it, and had some terrific photographs to work with, so it wasn't any problem!

CD cover: Sinn Citty

This artist wanted an image to match the name of his album and band, and chose this direction.

CD cover: Nitebreed

This band requested the image of a panther with lightning shooting from its eyes. Who am I to say no?

CD cover: Pierson McCree Project

The band requested an image to convey searching or journeying.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CD cover: Jon Anderson, "Just One Man"

Album cover for Jon Anderson's new Easter song. He requested that it feature a cross, a Buddha, and an 'om' symbol.

CD cover: Ben McKenzie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CD cover: OBEY the Altar Native

My fourth cover for hip-hop collective OBEY. This album's theme centers around the dark side of a police department.

Monday, February 15, 2010

CD cover: Suffering Clones

This cover was a very interesting collaboration with the client. A sketch I did for a separate project inspired them to request a scene of baby-doll heads in flowerpots on a sort of factory conveyor belt; the cover image was composited from about a dozen separate photos and illustrations. The 'heatlamp' at top right is from a photograph they sent from a Chipotle restaurant.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CD cover: Lokah

This was a fun one. I was asked to do the cover for a CD of yoga music remixes; the original cover was a simple black background, and the client, Sri Michael, wanted something much more vibrant and intense for the remix. The music (featuring Sting) was high energy and needed something colorful. Using Sri Michael's photo as the centrepiece, as well as their logo, I put together this 'mandala' image, which the client loved.

CD cover: Arthur Guelfi

This electronic musician from Brazil requested "something electronic concrete but not regular, like the many views of a substance (material) / macro and micro views but with law." Sometimes it's tough to tell what clients want when you speak different languages, and Google Translate is the only help you have! After some back-and-forth, I sent several suggestions, and Arthur chose this concept (as well as a variation to be used in his CD package art).

Monday, January 25, 2010

CD cover: Treatise

Cover for an EP by Treatise; the artist requested a woman's face with a rose coming from her mouth.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CD cover: John Cate & the Van Gogh Bros.

John Cate wanted his cover to look like a classic psychedelic album with cool blues, using a tree as the central motif. The digipak & booklet were a blast to put together.

CD cover: Adam Popp

CD cover for a symphonic metal album by Adam Popp. He requested a dark, mysterious scene.