Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CD cover: ChristAXX

The cover for Run the Machine by ChristAXX is exactly what the client asked for: an old American flag with a pirate skull on top of it.

CD cover: Mr Paul

Mr. Paul had a clear concept for the cover his album, Preachin With Tearz: a teardrop with a microphone inside.

CD cover: Nick Hinton (greatest hits)

Nick Hinton (who I worked with on the album The Brave Unknown) asked me for a quick cover for his 'greatest hits' retrospective album, All These Dreams. I only had a day or two, so Nick and I worked quickly back and forth, and the final cover was done in time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CD cover: Steve Shape

Steve Shape requested a futuristic cover with an LA theme for his album "LATE" (Los Angeles Til the End). I've always loved Eero Saarinen's architecture for the LA Airport, so I combined it with an urban scene. The client requested blue rainbows, as well -- and there's the cover.

CD cover: Rak Batum

Rak Batum's cover ended up being one of the most unique so far. He requested a cover combining the slums of Cairo with the Pyramids, and wanted one of the pyramids to be topped with the eyeball from the back of a dollar bill.

CD cover: Doug Cash

Doug Cash wanted a simple CD cover for his debut single. It was a huge retouching effort, but turned out to be a classy cover.