Friday, October 19, 2012

Album cover: Tetsuji Matuso

Tetsuji wanted an abstract image for his instrumental album that would convey flow, change, and feel musical. I found this painting to use, which he thought was perfect.

CD package: Luke Kaufman

For his package, Luke sent a ton of photos to incorporate into a collage; I used broad brushstrokes to encase them and give the cover a bit of a classic "Police" look.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Single covers: Saad Chishty

A pair of singles for Saad Chishty using treated photography.

Album cover: Walking Into Fire

Rather than just use photos of the audiobook authors, I used iconography to help this cover stand out.

Album cover: MH-UWIT

My fourth collaboration with MH-UWIT, for this cover they requested a complex Guilloche patterned image.

Album cover: O.I.S.

The artist wanted an image that would merge a guitarist with the words from a handwritten letter.

CD cover: John Cate

My third CD with John Cate; this one was a very simple design, as requested, and I kept things clean and understated.

Album cover: Jason Karaban

This cover was a pretty straightforward collaboration; the image was supplied by the artist and I kept things simple. Check out his album.

British Pop

Another huge TJL Productions project for a PBS special; this one focused on British pop of the 60s and 70s. The covers featured models in different fashions based on the style of the time period of each volume.

Doo Wop Romance

This was another huge project for TJL Productions for an upcoming PBS special. It involved an 8-volume CD set, a 3-DVD set, and the menus for the DVDs. All of the elements were based off of this basic design.

Single: Jon Anderson, "Race to the End"

This single for Jon Anderson was designed in just a few hours to get onto iTunes in time for the 2012 London Olympics to start.

Album covers: Joe Martino

I did two singles at once for Joe Martino -- a wedding song and a more somber tune.

Album cover, "Für Zwei"

An album/single from Lipski Project of Germany, this was a song recorded for a friend's wedding.

Album cover: MH-UWIT

My second cover for hip hop artist MH-UWIT. Album logo in upper right supplied by the client.

Album cover: "Reeve"

Cover for Nick Hinton's song about Christopher Reeve. The challenge here was to reference Superman in a way that wouldn't cause any troublesome copyright issues.

Album cover: Joseph Gomez

My third cover for Joseph Gomez. He wanted something bright and upbeat.

Audiobook cover: A Blue Fire

Cover for James Hillman's new audiobook.

CD cover: Up In Arms

This band wanted a cover that would reflect the experience of being in high school.