Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CD cover: OBEY the Altar Native

My fourth cover for hip-hop collective OBEY. This album's theme centers around the dark side of a police department.

Monday, February 15, 2010

CD cover: Suffering Clones

This cover was a very interesting collaboration with the client. A sketch I did for a separate project inspired them to request a scene of baby-doll heads in flowerpots on a sort of factory conveyor belt; the cover image was composited from about a dozen separate photos and illustrations. The 'heatlamp' at top right is from a photograph they sent from a Chipotle restaurant.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CD cover: Lokah

This was a fun one. I was asked to do the cover for a CD of yoga music remixes; the original cover was a simple black background, and the client, Sri Michael, wanted something much more vibrant and intense for the remix. The music (featuring Sting) was high energy and needed something colorful. Using Sri Michael's photo as the centrepiece, as well as their logo, I put together this 'mandala' image, which the client loved.

CD cover: Arthur Guelfi

This electronic musician from Brazil requested "something electronic concrete but not regular, like the many views of a substance (material) / macro and micro views but with law." Sometimes it's tough to tell what clients want when you speak different languages, and Google Translate is the only help you have! After some back-and-forth, I sent several suggestions, and Arthur chose this concept (as well as a variation to be used in his CD package art).