Thursday, August 19, 2010

CD cover: Wayne Ammons

Wayne wanted an album cover in the same vein as classic covers by The Eagles; it was lots of fun compositing together various elements to get the right feel.

CD cover: E.D.Y.

EDY wanted an image to convey a night out clubbing in Paris.

CD cover: Chris Todisco

Chris Todisco wanted a fresh, fun image for his cover, and chose two directions for the finals.

CD cover: Birdy Gunz

This hip-hop musician sent some photos and gave me a clean slate to work with; I ended up adding a simple effect to the photo to make it look charred, and he loved it.

CD cover; JaSoul

JaSoul, a Jamaican reggae/soul band, wanted something energetic and bright.

CD cover: Jay Arseno

Jay wanted me to make him look like a comic book hero :)

CD cover: Catherine Iagnemma

Catherine, a practitioner of flower essence healing, wanted a simple cover featuring flowers, naturally.

CD cover: AMPSEX

The guys from AMPSEX worked with me for the third time, and on this cover they wanted an old movie marquee with their name falling off of it.

CD cover: Joseph Bangura (EP)

An EP cover for Joseph Bangura as a followup to his debut, Journey of 1000 Miles.

CD cover: UDI

This musician wanted an image of a hooded figure hooked up to mysterious computers.

CD cover: Sunny Ledfurd's Greatest Hits

Sunny wanted a cover that echoed classic 70s country covers, and it was fun to find just the right lettering and colors to get that feel.

CD cover: Max Peiper

This client had a very clear idea of the image he wanted, but since he was working on a budget, I did the best I could with stock imagery, rather than hire Boris Vallejo.

Poster: Madtizzy Music Sessions

I only had about a day to throw this flyer together; the client wanted something really intensely vibrant with some 80s club style to it to match their Miami Beach party. It's probably the most colorful poster I've done, that's for sure.

CD cover: Marcus Shepard

Marcus wanted a cover with a classic look to it, and had some terrific photographs to work with, so it wasn't any problem!

CD cover: Sinn Citty

This artist wanted an image to match the name of his album and band, and chose this direction.

CD cover: Nitebreed

This band requested the image of a panther with lightning shooting from its eyes. Who am I to say no?

CD cover: Pierson McCree Project

The band requested an image to convey searching or journeying.