Thursday, November 11, 2010

CD cover and package: Jon Anderson, "Survival & Other Stories"

Cover and CD packaging art for Jon Anderson's new album, "Survival & Other Stories". The cover and back cover tell a small story -- the cover shows a lone tree in the desert, but the back cover, under the words "Produced by Jon & Jane Anderson", shows that the tree is surviving with a companion.

CD cover: Bombsters

Cover art for The Bombsters, who wanted a cover that'd be a pun on their name and album title. They provided the 3D logo.

CD cover: Iron Hog

The metal band Iron Hog requested a very hardcore looking cover using a pig skull in a skull-and-crossbones arrangement. The final design was a collaboration between myself and Steve Domanski, who did the illustration.

CD cover: dysFUNKtional

DysFUNKtional requested 3D lettering of their song name over an interstellar background.

CD cover: ChasedFaces

CD cover for ChasedFaces. They requested a very complex scene: a kiosk at a boardwalk/beach that would be selling books, with a sign outside calling it "The Philosopheria". The final image was constructed from 10 different photos -- every element, from the inside of the kiosk to the girl to the books stacked outside, was composited in separately.

CD cover: E-STARR

Two covers for dance diva E-STARR.