Sunday, March 4, 2012

CD cover: The Poetry of Rumi Collection

I was given a blank canvas for this project, and when I found this grasshopper image, I knew it was perfect. The author agreed.

Album cover: Dean Riddle Jr, "Outsider"

For this song about bullied kids, Dean wanted a really evocative, poignant image.

DVD/CD box sets: '60s Pop Rock & Soul

This was a huge, huge project for TJL Productions/PBS. I designed a 7-DVD box set as well as a 6-CD set, plus the DVD menus and the on-air promo graphics. Each DVD/CD had its own cover design (the CDs had the same basic designs as the DVDs, so I didn't bother to repeat those here -- just imagine these DVDs square-shaped!). The DVD/CD sets come in their own custom-designed box, and the spines needed to spell out S-I-X-T-I-E-S when all put together.

Album cover: Phillip Matthews

Phillip wanted a patriotic cover for this song recorded to welcome our troops home.

Album cover: Baynes, "Occupy"

Baynes sent photos of himself and wanted me to place him inside a tent with a protest raging outside. He also asked me to add a leather satchel, a map and compass, a smoking rifle, a dove, and to alter his clothes to fit the tone of the song.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Album cover: MH-UWIT

This hiphop artist wanted a pair of knuckles with the album title tattooed on them featured above the artist leaning on a Rolls.

Album cover: Radical Limit

Radical Limit wanted an 80s-esque band logo to be featured on an abstract cover design.

CD cover: American Swindle

Cover for Texas-rock band American Swindle, featuring a logo designed in collaboration with the band. Part of their full CD package.

Album cover: Eden Effect, "Surprise Me"

For this followup to their previous single, The Eden Effect wanted a cover that'd look like a page from an old book of fairytales, featuring the music box from their music video.

Album cover: Eden Effect, "Beauty and the Freak"

The Eden Effect requested a cover that looked like an old book of fairytales for their single.

Album cover: Cerebrovortex

This client requested a cover for a CD of his research into brain concussion diagnostics. He asked for a vortex of blue water filled with the vague shapes of jellyfish.

eBook cover: Harville Hendrix

Part of a two-album series of eBook releases for Harville Hendrix. Design based on the cover of his bestselling book of the same name.

eBook cover: Beryl Bender Birch

Part of a three-album series for yoga instructor Beryl Bender Birch.

Album cover: Chanel Lóran

Cover for the debut single of talented young singer Chanel Lóran.

Album cover: Black Eternal

In addition to a band logo, Black Eternal requested a very complex cover: they wanted to see the destruction of the earth as seen from the moon, with shadows on the moon's surface of the band playing a concert while watching Armageddon.

Album cover: Fifteen Bridges

The musician requested a cover with an acoustic guitar plugged into the earth in an idyllic countryside scene.

Album cover: Adam Farouk, "Never Tired of You"

Adam wanted a romantic, storybook feel to his album cover.

Album cover: Steve Shape, "Shapetron"

Steve Shape requested a cosmic landscape created from 80s-era keyboards and synthesizers.

eBook cover: The Book of Runes

Cover design for the first digital edition of Ralph Blum's The Book of Runes. Also developed graphics and art for the accompanying website and app.

CD cover: Healing at the Speed of Sound

CD and digital package art for the new live version of Healing at the Speed of Sound by Don Campbell.

Album cover: KJL

Cover for hiphop artist KJL.